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Her Time To Play 


Various Schools in Surrounding Area


Date:  TBA Saturdays
Approximate Times:  1:00 PM
Who:  Girls 7-14

Registration - DATE TBA

  • 10U (7-10 year old)

  • 14U (11-14 year old)

HER TIME TO PLAY is a national initiative that is dedicated to championing change on behalf of girls and women and providing them with ways to connect, collaborate, and actively engage with the game of basketball and one another.

Her Time To Play is a 13 week FREE program for girls ages 7-14. We meet once a week for 1 hr 30 mins. We start with the curriculum (more info below) and finish with some skill training and basketball playing. 

At the heart of Her Time To Play is our free curriculum, created in partnership with the Women’s Sports Foundation, which pairs on-court training with off-court life skills lessons to help:

  • BUILD girls’ confidence

  • EMPOWER them to face the challenges of adolescence

  • TEACH values like teamwork

We know it’s so important for girls to SEE WHAT THEY CAN BE, so the curriculum highlights personal life experiences and stories shared by WNBA players from all 12 WNBA teams.


Interested in coaching or volunteering?

Female coaches in girls’ sports have a SIGNIFICANT IMPACT on girls’ participation that goes beyond the court.

Girls more readily identify with and see female coaches as MENTORS and ROLE MODELS, which can help combat gender stereotypes, boost confidence, and provide a sense of belonging.


However, according to research done by the Women’s Sports Foundation, female coaches are highly underrepresented (35% or lower) on sports viewed as more masculine (e.g., basketball) in which girls face greater barriers for continued participation.

Her Time To Play aims to increase opportunities for women in coaching and athletic leadership across the youth sports landscape.

If you are a coach or volunteer who would like to participate in Her Time to Play, please contact us to register formally. 

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